Patrick Mullen

Patrick Mullen works with TJM’s futures trade support/execution/reconciliation team. He joined TJM in 1995 and has over 25 years of experience in the futures markets. After receiving his bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University, Mr. Mullen started out on the CBOT financials floor brokering to hedge funds, individual traders, and various bank trading desks. In 2000, he moved off of the trading floor to help establish TJM’s electronic execution and reconciliation team.

Currently Mr. Mullen oversees reconciliation of various hedge fund accounts, administration of the electronic trading systems, and provides sales support to the brokerage desk. Additional responsibilities include trade balancing and billing. Mr. Mullen hold his Series 3 license and is proficient with FEC/Firmsoft clearing systems, EOS/FFastFill/CQG trading systems, and GPS/VVA payment systems.

Contact Patrick Mullen
Direct Dial: 312.432.5120