TJM’s Latest Commentary

Markets Are Allowed To Go Down 10/19/18

Well that was not much fun was it? Last week saw the most volatility we have seen in a while. As a matter of fact, the last time I felt that way was at the beginning of the year during … Continue reading

Where Does The Time Go? 6/6/18

Where oh where does the time go? It is hard to believe we are close to halfway through the year. It is also hard to believe how this market is handling all the news that is being thrown at it … Continue reading

So Much To Write About In So Little Time 5/4/18

There is so much to write about in so little time. – This is a busy week as I have multiple appearances on Fox, CNBC and the BBC. They are all going to want to talk about Trump, North Korea … Continue reading

Fasten Those Seat Belts 4/27/18

It is supposed to be a big week for tech – looks to be a big week for international relations as well. It will be interesting to see how all this shapes up. And oh yea, we have an ECB … Continue reading

Thanks Coach Mac 4/20/18

The weekend’s fireworks cooled off before the open. At the end of the week last week the Trump administration along with the Brits and French embarked on a missile raid of Syria’s chemical weapon labs. No deaths and a reported … Continue reading

Facebook 3/23/18

I don’t know about you but the year seems to be flying by. I think when you get older the days and weeks seem to speed up. This treadmill is getting faster and faster. A couple of things to touch … Continue reading

Spring Is In The Air 3/16/18

The big events last week have been able to power us higher – again. We saw a thawing of tensions with NK, a crack in the exemptions on our steel and aluminium tariffs and a great jobs number on Friday. … Continue reading

FX Morning Commentary 11/9/17

Good morning. Overnight trading had its share of excitement specifically in the Nikkei which had one of its most volatile sessions of the year opening close to fresh multi-year highs before falling over 3%. The move put a nice bid … Continue reading

Here We Go Again 10/20/17

Here we go again. At the time of writing we have set (yet again) another stock market record. It seems that the only thing needed for a stock market record nowadays is an alarm clock because they keep happening every … Continue reading

30th Anniversary 9/29/17

It is good to be Stateside again. As much as I love spending time in England, some of the modern comforts of home are a welcoming sight – like angled parking places instead of the perpendicular ones in Britain. Yep, … Continue reading