TJM’s Forex Group provides experience in the execution of OTC FX Options, Spot FX, and exchange traded currencies to Eligible Contract Participants.

Our FX division consists of seasoned traders, led by Rich Scalone and Antony Hine. TJM acts in an agency capacity so trading orders are all done back-to-back – TJM does not take any proprietary positions.

Established relationships and deep liquidity pools allow TJM to execute at the best accessible price* on the clients behalf. We access liquidity from over 30 providers consisting of a multitude of banks as well as several non-bank providers. Pairing these sources of liquidity with our agency model allows TJM to facilitate customer anonymity, efficient and concise executions, and achieve the best accessible aggregated pricing available.

Clients of TJM have access to daily fx market research and customized trading strategies. In addition to:

  • Price discovery and transparency
  • Execution of OTC options, both vanilla and exotic
  • Spot FX execution services, through both voice and a desktop platform
  • Customizable liquidity streams to fit the client’s trading needs
  • 24 hour customer support

Execute Your Forex with TJM
Direct Dial: Richard Scalone at 312.432.5139

* Market volatility and volume are factors impacting any execution. It is possible that market volatility and volume may delay trade execution.

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