Eris on Yield Book 1/24/17

Eris Exchange, a US-based futures exchange offering cash-settled swap futures as the leading alternative to traditional over-the-counter swaps, has announced that Eris Swap Futures contracts are now supported on The Yield Book, which it notes has been providing sophisticated financial analysis capabilities to a wide variety of market participants for over 25 years. The Yield Book’s latest software release allows users to analyze their portfolios and run scenarios that include Eris Swap Futures.

Subscribers to The Yield Book can now view their Eris Swap Futures positions in daily profit and loss and risk calculations, including optimization and scenario analyses. Subscribers can also incorporate Eris pricing into their own swap curve models. Eris says the integration of Eris Swap Futures into The Yield Book paves the way for a greater number of institutional investors and dealers to leverage Eris markets by enabling traders and risk managers to analyze and manage their Eris positions along with the rest of their holdings.

Globally recognized independent brokers like TJM Institutional Services service clients of Eris and The Yield Book alike. “With the integration of Eris into The Yield Book, our clients can now include Eris Swap Futures in their hedging toolset with the comfort of knowing that they are able to model their portfolios,” said Steve Beitler, President and Co-Manager of TJM Institutional Services.

“The new functionality will now allow a broader universe of our clients to begin the transition from trading OTC swaps to alternatives like Eris, realizing the capital and exchange efficiencies Eris brings, without compromising functionality.”

“End users of the OTC swap market face industry demands and higher costs in order to preserve their access to the OTC swap market, while more cost efficient alternative market structure is available through Eris Swap Futures,” said Geoffrey Sharp, Head of Sales at Eris Exchange. “The Yield Book’s implementation of Eris is in response to these customer demands and reflects their leadership initiatives essential to this new market structure.”

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