Whether you trade futures, forex, equities, or index options, TJM’s execution desks have the ability to fill your trades quickly, efficiently, and at the best accessible price*.

TJM clients enjoy our direct market access to both the electronic and open outcry markets. MND Partners, a division of TJM, is housed directly on the New York Stock Exchange floor. In addition, Spot On Hedging Solutions, a division of TJM, is located on the Chicago Board of Options Exchange floor.

Our brokerage teams use strategic booth locations and/or global electronic connectivity to instantly access liquidity from within the futures, equities, and options trading pits.

In addition, our off-floor execution professionals hold years of experience in the full spectrum of global electronic markets.

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Leverage TJM’s Direct Market Access
Direct Dial: John Burke at 312.432.5110

* Market volatility and volume are factors impacting any execution. It is possible that market volatility and volume may delay trade execution.