TJM Investments, LLC offers unique, customized services to equity and equity option traders, ranging from execution to clearing and reconciliation.

With access to both the electronic and open outcry markets, we have the ability to execute trades quickly, efficiently, and at the best accessible price* for our clients.

Our brokerage teams on the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”) offer direct market access and liquidity. Our off-floor equity desks provide equity, equity option, and equity index options execution on nearly all options and equity exchanges, including electronic communications networks. Also, our off-floor relationships with the market-making community can offer the potential for price improvement and deeper liquidity.

MND is an Agency only NYSE Floor based operation that has access to all major markets. They have a team of over fifteen Brokers/Traders. Their client base consists of Mutual Funds, Hedge funds, Investment advisors, and Broker dealers. In addition to trading equities, MND has a team that specializes in Convertible Securities that include Preferreds, Bonds, Warrants, and other arbitrage opportunities.

MND is the executing arm for a large Research provider, and offer other services such as CSAs, and Soft dollar arrangements.

Execute Your Equities with TJM
Direct Dial: John Burke at 312.432.5110
Email: john@tjmbrokerage.com

* Market volatility and volume are factors impacting any execution. It is possible that market volatility and volume may delay trade execution.