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TJM clients enjoy our direct market access to both the electronic and open outcry markets. MND Partners, a division of TJM, is housed directly on the New York Stock Exchange floor. In addition, Spot On Hedging Solutions, a division of TJM, is located on the Chicago Board of Options Exchange floor.

Our brokerage teams use strategic booth locations and/or global electronic connectivity to instantly access liquidity from within the futures, equities, and options trading pits.

In addition, our off-floor execution professionals hold years of experience in the full spectrum of global electronic markets.


TJM Investments, LLC offers unique, customized services to equity and equity optiontraders, ranging from execution to clearing and reconciliation.

Index Options

TJM’s Index Options Group is based out of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (“CBOE”) and executes all major listed Indices offered at the CBOE.


TJM Institutional Services, LLC offers unique, customized services to futures and futures option traders, ranging from execution to clearing and reconciliation.


Enhancing the liquidity pool while streamlining the process of FX execution.

Cash Treasuries

TJM’s Cash Treasuries Group provides execution experience to its clients trading on-the-run U.S. Treasury securities.


TJM’s energy group currently covers oil and oil products, natural gas options, metals and renewable energy. More information about our energy team can be found through contact with our Managing Director; Brad Sullivan

Treasury Relative Value

TJM services institutional clients with trading strategies and market color in RV strategies


Leverage TJM’s Direct Market Access
Direct Dial: John Burke at 312.432.5110

* Market volatility and volume are factors impacting any execution. It is possible that market volatility and volume may delay trade execution.