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Development/Data Processing – TJM can take in all trade data, process it, and send it to you in virtually any requested file format. Data can also be fed into risk-management software or used for a variety of other purposes.

Computer Support – TJM can handle specification, ordering, maintenance, and installation of all client computers. Our technology team configures them to maintain the highest level of integrity and security. We administer and monitor computers from a central location and can diagnose and correct most problems remotely.

File Backup – We store all files on a local file server, which is backed up to tape on a daily basis. Tapes are rotated in a grandfather/father/son configuration. Incremental backups are completed daily, with full backups performed at the end of each week. Weekly tapes are kept until a full monthly backup is completed and then rotated back through. Monthly tapes are housed offsite in a secure location.

Virus Protection – TJM can provide and administer a state-of-the art virus protection package. Updates will regularly be pushed out to the client computers to minimize the chance of infection.

Smart Phone Support – TJM hosts a blackberry server and offers iPhone support. We provide a complete wireless platform that allows flexibility, security, and reliability.

Domain Name Hosting – TJM can register and administer your domain names. All domain name maintenance, including periodic renewal, will be monitored by TJM.

Disaster Recovery – With offices in Manhattan, NY, Boca Raton, FL, and Chicago, IL, TJM is well equipped to provide our clients with disaster recovery facilities. We offer desk space, computer equipment, high-speed connectivity, and telephones to get you back up to speed quickly and efficiently.

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